Hollie and Cease
July 21, 2018

Can’t thank Emma enough for the treatment she has done on my 6 year old. So amazing to find out information that I didn’t know. Emma took her time and helped me to understand everything about my horse! Definatley will be recommending to friends!

November 8, 2017

I have a maxi cob who has had quite a hard summer doing sj and ode.

I'd noticed lately he hadn't been tracking up correctly on his right hind leg, so I called emma, and with her superpowered hands she cracked and massaged lui back into alignment. Lui isn't the most forward thinking horse but after his treatment he came out in my lesson last Night like a new horse! He was extremely forward and very eager to work!
Super happy loaner! super happy horse! Highly recommend as Emma explains and shows you everything she's doing to your beloved equines.

Tracey and April
July 15, 2017

I didn’t realise how little I new about my horse till I met Emma, what an amazing lady I would highly recommended Emma weather your horse has back problems or not.

July 8, 2017

Couldn't be happier with the treatment given from Emma, she explains everything shes doing and you get to learn in the process. My pony feels so much better for the treatment, shes happier in herself, Emma was able to tell me things about my pony i never knew by reading her body. Myself and pony owe Emma a lot, Thankyou!

Mollie with Harry
July 31, 2016

Hi Emma.
Harry's been loads better walking out much better and hasn't gone lame since its worked wonders for him.
I also have been feeding him what you advised me to, he seems to like to eat it too x

Alex with Ben
July 1, 2016

I couldnt ask for a better person to come and work on my horse. Ben loves it and feels 100% better afterward. Emma is really patient and will take her time on finding the problem, she also explains everything that she is doing. It really helps with Ben as he is in very heavy work with competing in dressage, eventing and bs. With our most receng result being 9th in the one day event at 90. Emma gives very good advise too, i cannot recommend anyone better! X

Sophie and Toggi
June 10, 2016

So much different and chilled in himself, no longer avoiding working properly on the right rein and much more looser in himself☺ thank you so much again! See you in 3 months ☺

I've ️never known someone so good at there job and with nervous horses too ☺

Jen with Waxy
February 15, 2016

When Emma first massaged Waxy he was on box rest, so at the first treatment he was stressed. I was impressed by how Emma approached him and gained his confidence. Massage was new to him & he was dubious at first but by the end of the first treatment he was more relaxed than he had ever been while on box rest.
Emma explained the techniques she was using and told me about the benefits the treatment could have. The conversation helped me to become more aware of how my horse was feeling and prompted me to talk to my farrier and then my vet & discover a problem with his hocks that I was previously unaware of which has now been treated. I am very grateful for this.
Waxy now has regular six weekly treatments and Emma highlights how his muscles are developing through work, which is a good measure of how his training is progressing. She also discovered a problem with a saddle and her advice prevented his back being badly damaged.
Overall Emma’s manner is a good mix of professional and friendly so the treatments are enjoyable for both me and my horse. She is obviously well experienced and confident with horses and her love and respect for them shines through.
I highly recommend the treatment to anyone who puts a high importance on their horse’s wellbeing.

Cammy with Marnie
February 5, 2016

Couldn't recommend Emma enough, Marnie was nervous on the ground and ridden, Emma pointed out where she would tense up and why she would bolt. After her treatment she is a lot looser and we are doing a lot of groundwork recommended by Emma to build her confidence and stop her from tensing, a lot of good advice. Will definitely be booking another session

Kelly Jarvis with Cindy
December 20, 2015

Emma is such a natural around horses. My mare Cindy had an injury from a kick, Emma fit me in juggling her appointments. Cindy was so relaxed afterwards and clearly wanted Emma to stay with her and massage forever. Emma is full of excellent ideas and advice how to keep a horse relaxed and supple. I will be a returning customer. Thank you Emma

Mary with Freckles
November 10, 2015

Hi Emma, Freckles is seems so much happier to be groomed isn't as grumpy:) she's happily enjoying her rest and relaxation and god knows what you did but she's a happier pony altogether. x

Claire with Grace
October 27, 2015

Emma did a fab job on grace. So professional and caring. Gave me some great advice and guidance and I will definitely be booking grace back in xx

Melissa Coyle
September 5, 2015

Emma is just brilliant, my horse suffered a far few injuries after an incident in the field. His muscles are still not 100% hopefully now with the help of Emma and her fabulous treatments he will be as good as new in no time. Thanks Emma for being patient and understanding with Charlie, he can be difficult at times but today he was a true gent. Thank-you so much.

Ian Atkinson
August 2, 2015

Fast and friendly service. Taking her time to identify the problem and give some helpful tips. Dougal really enjoyed the massage.

Micha Ditchburn
June 10, 2015

Amazing! Working great with my ex racehorse who has been in alot of pain with different spasms and knots. Can't say thank-you enough to Emma,very patient and caring.

Charlotte Gladders
April 22, 2015

I contacted Emma to arrange purchasing a gift voucher for my cousins birthday. My cousin had mentioned afew times how her horse has benefited from the massages,it was an easy decision to make to arrange her next session as a gift.
I contacted Emma through Facebook, her reply was prompt, friendly and professional. The whole arrangement was completed swiftly and I couldn't be happier. Thanks again

Joanne Morley
April 1, 2015

Emma came to massage Pandora -who is five years old and has had a difficult past.Emma was absolutely brilliant with her, her work was informative and in parallel with problems our schooling teacher had explained. Thank you Emma - Pandora and I.

Michelle Blackmore
April 1, 2015

Amazing work, massively benefited my horse.

Jonathan Lewis
April 1, 2015

Friendly, professional service, my mare truly recommends. Massages have been invaluable, in helping to treat Anna-maries pulled semitendinosis muscle. Which is now looking fantastic and as good as new,thanks to massage and structured work and diet. Thanks again.

Andrea with Sky
December 16, 2014

I personally am a huge believer in the advantages of massage for humans and equines. I feel it is important to maintain overall emotional, mental and physical wellness. Sky has demonstrated many benefits from the massages she has received and regular treatment is supporting her current training programme. I noticed obvious benefits in a short time frame,for instance more settled whilst grooming and tacking up and generally more willing to work into an outline. Her muscle definition and flexibility is also improving and she absolutely loves it!! It is a pleasure to observe Emma in practice. She is an extremely knowledgeable and caring professional, clearly passionate about her subject. I feel it is definitely money well spent for a happy horse and encourage everyone to have an open mind if they haven't yet tried this.

Sara with Tilly
December 10, 2014

My Horse has PSSM ,which means she often suffers with stiff muscles, and is reluctant to use her body correctly, particularly her hind end.
Emma provided me a course of massages for my mare and I noticed a considerable improvement. My horse was happier in her work and her way of moving improved .Her whole posture appeared "stronger" and she was standing squarer. She was much, more supple in the arena and above all , she genuinely enjoyed having her massages and would fall asleep towards the end !
I moved away for a few months and as a consequence , Tilly's massages with Emma ceased .Lets just say I have noticed the difference for the worse and ,now that I am home , have promptly got Emma back on board! Tilly immediately settled back into having her massage and Emma has given me sound advice on how to move forward .
I would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone.